This is an online coding competition, an idea launched in Pakistan for the very first time.

  • Through our Ambassadors
  • Through online Registration Form.
  • Through Registration Head

After the confirmation of your registration, an account will be assigned to you on our website ( along with the login id and password.

PKR 300/- per person.

  • Via Easy paisa.
  • Via our Ambassadors.

Completion will be of one whole month. You will be asked to weekly complete your task which includes some questions every week. i.e up to 4 weeks you will be asked to submit your progress and after that you will be free waiting for the results.

You must be familiar with one / all of the following languages

  • C/C++
  • C#
  • Java

You will also need major concepts of:

  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Set Theory
  • Graphs
  • String Manipulation

Any one of the following languages

  • C#
  • C/C++
  • Java

In every category (advance, moderate or basic) top three positions will be awarded with prize money (only for 1st position in each category), shields and wining certificates.

It is completely safe and perfectly secure. Your personal information that we have taken from you during your registration procedure will remain completely confidential.

18th–August-2016 on Tuesday

No, you are not allowed to compete with your friend or partner, it’s completely individual’s effort.

Possibly in 3 to 4 weeks result will be announced.

Don’t bother about the checking criteria it will be completely according to merit and your answers will be judged by the trustworthy and very competent board of Judges.

You are free to use whichever operating system you wish for solving the problems but we will test your code on Windows OS. We continually test the website on Linux, Windows and Mac OS to make sure it works on as many operating systems and browsers as possible. The site should work with most modern browsers; if you're having trouble with yours, please let us know and get back to Chrome, Firefox 3+ or Internet Explorer 7+ while we examine your issue.

Yes, you can use your phone if you wish.

C/C++.Also check Q8.

As long as you have a license to use it, and it was written before the contest, yes. Make sure to submit all code that you used, unless it comes from a standard library that's available online (in that case you should put a comment in your code to that effect). That means you can write your own helper code, or collect your own personal library of code, as long as the license terms of the code permits it. 


It may vary depending upon the nature and number of problems.

For each Radix problem you must submit a correct output file (in case of filing) and the source code used in its generation You may submit source code as one or more plain-text or zipped plain text files. The size of each source code file may not exceed 100KB, and the total size of your source code for an output after being unzipped may not exceed 1MB. If you are using a standard library that is freely available on the Internet that is too large to include in your submission, you may exclude it as long as you put a comment in your source code explaining where the library is available.

You can use any development environment or text editor, including those that cost money. You program must be independent of the type of IDE We can test your code using any of the following IDE’s :

  • Microsoft Visual Studio (For C/C++/C#)
  • NetBeans/Eclipse (For Java)

During a Round. Radix ignore certain incorrect submissions in a Round and you can submit it again in whatever time remains in that period.
After a Round. You cannot submit any source code for any round after it ends

You can double-check the submissions you've made by clicking the "View my submissions" link on the left panel of the contest page. This page will let you download the input, output and source code for each of your submissions.

Our Sponsorship We cordially thank all our partners and sponsors for their generous contributions and support.
We would like to convey our deepest gratitude to them.